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Breakaway Wellness Club

Do you seek a sense of belonging in a safe, nurturing, inspiring and supportive group?  Are you interested in exploring your own health and wellness? And to work towards making lifestyle changes to help improve your health and well-being?

Consider joining a Breakaway Wellness Club. We meet as a group along with a certified Health & Wellness Coach who facilitates the meetings. 

What’s in a name:



  1. a divergence or radical change from something established or long standing.



  1. physical, mental, and emotional health, usually including a healthy way of living




  1. an organization of people interested in a particular subject who meet on a regular basis

Why a Wellness Club?

Why a Wellness Club? Two reasons:


With so many health and wellness guidelines, services, and products available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed: it can create an inertia making it increasingly hard to create, initiate and sustain new healthy habits. Health & Wellness Coaching helps people start a journey of making self-care a priority.


We are social animals and tend to thrive (mentally, physically and emotionally) when we have a strong sense of community and friendship bonds. However, today there seems to be is less opportunity to socially connect in meaningful ways: to be heard, to feel supported, and to be held accountable in an inspiring and non-judgmental space. 


Breakaway Wellness Clubs offer:

  • The benefit of group support, learning, and inspiration from other members’ experiences

  • Feeling of a sense of belonging, community, and connection with others in a meaningful way

  • Increased accountability and responsibility to follow through

  • Creative brainstorming of possibilities

  • Willingness to try something new in a supportive 'let’s try this together' attitude of the group.

  • Being a part of a group that is non-judgmental, ready to listen, and to celebrate and honor each other.

  • A cost-effective way to access Health Coaching

What is a

Wellness Club?

Think of it as a book club that gets together at least once a month, but instead of focusing on reading a book, it’s focusing on our Wellness. To get the most out of the club you should be ready to make some lifestyle changes towards improving your well-being. You might not know how yet. That’s OK.  The club is here to help you get ‘un-stuck’ and move forward.


The purpose of the club is to bring together a group of people who are ready to:

  • Work on their wellness

  • Have a sense of belonging and connect with others in a meaningful way

  • Be a part of a group that is non-judgmental and ready to listen

  • Inspire and support each other

  • Be held accountable

  • Celebrate and honor each other

How does a

Wellness Club work?

We meet at least once a month. A certified Health and Wellness coach serves as the club’s facilitator.


Like a book club, there will be ‘work’ to do during the weeks we don’t meet. This 'work' will be any combination of reflecting, writing, reading, strategizing or putting something into action. This ‘work’ should be fun, rewarding and something to look forward to.


Each month will focus on a different wellness topic (exercise, quiet time, gratitude, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, work-life balance, etc.)


You’ll receive weekly emails from the Club’s facilitator with a mix of something to read, something to listen to or watch with ideas for moving forward with that month’s particular wellness topic.


We hope you find the combination of education, reflections, weekly goals/promises and experiments, with small group support a powerful way to kickstart your well-being journey.


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