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Corporate Health Coaching


Health Coaching is a unique approach to well-being:  it empowers employees to take responsibility for their own well-being by facilitating the adoption of healthy behaviors that will positively impact their overall well-being. The benefits of having healthier employees are wide reaching. When employees feel good about their health, it touches all aspects of their lives. Healthier employees tend to make happier employees.

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What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is an effective approach for people who want to move forward with new healthy habits and positive lifestyle behaviors. However, they may feel stuck or overwhelmed, and unsure how to move forward. Or they may feel like they don’t possess the necessary will power or motivation. It’s not necessarily a matter of will power, instead it’s about developing strategies or frameworks and putting systems in place that work for the unique individual they are. This is what leads to lasting and sustainable change.

Why is Health Coaching effective?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to health and wellness. Providing employees with gym memberships, incentives to work out or health risk assessments does provide opportunities to engage in healthy habits, but it typically does not provide them with the framework and tools they need to make significant long-term behavioral changes.  Health coaches are experts in behavior change and help people to develop individualized frameworks that work for them and allow them to make positive changes in their lives that can be lasting.  


Why have Health Coaching part of your corporate wellness program?


Health Coaching Programs help with:

  • Improving employee engagement and fulfillment

  • Increasing employee retention by reducing burn-out

  • Positively impacting energy, productivity and creativity

  • Reducing absenteeism

  • Building a culture of well-being within the workplace 

  • Creating an overall ‘happier’ and ‘healthier’ work environment

  • Team building, support and accountability

  • Training optimism and boosting moral

  • Reducing stress and decreasing mental fatigue

  • Saving health care costs



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Corporate Health Coaching programs:

Breakaway Coaching's Programs have an integrative approach to Health and Wellness. They are:


  • Part education

  • Part professional guidance and coaching

  • Part accountability and support group 

Sessions are interactive. Participants leave feeling empowered that they can make one small change. Small steps lead to success. Feeling successful leads to increased motivation and confidence to keep it going. All programs can be conducted in-person or virtually.  Programs can be customized to fit your needs. Some of the more popular programs are:

  • Series of Interactive Workshops. Drop-in once a month or once a week to focus on one health and wellness topic per session. (Wednesday Wellness Workshops, Wellness Months, lunch & learns, etc.)


  • Wellness Club that meets once a month. Each month we discuss a different health and wellness topic. Being a member of a club comes with the following benefits: sense of community, support, accountability, group brainstorming, motivation, and responsibility. 


  • 12-week Program for up to 20 individuals. You can have several cohorts operating either at the same time or multiple times a year. Each week we focus on a different topic of health & wellness (physical, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, etc.)


  • One-off-workshops focusing on one aspect of health and wellness (training optimism, managing stress, clean eating, sleep hygiene, plant-based eating, etc.) 
    30-90 minutes. 

  • Small group coaching (teams, departments, etc.) for up to 6 individuals.  Packages of 6 or 12 sessions available. 

  • Individual Health Coaching one-on-one coaching. Packages of 6 or 12 sessions available. 


“After working with Julie, I feel more centered.  I have identified what I need in order to maintain this centered feeling. With the tools that she's given me I can go back to re-focus; to review my values, my strengths and how I can create new goals to help me stay on the right path that works for me.”


“The coaching Julie provided me helped me identify my strengths and values and how to leverage these to help me not feel scattered.  She opened my eyes to the impact of setting SMART goals that are attainable and not overwhelming.”


“You really helped me get through a difficult time by focusing on the right things. I am very grateful for all the help and encouragement you provide me. It's been great working with you!"


"You are great, very easy to talk to, provide good insight and ideas, and very positive as things do not always go as planned or wanted. It really helped me focus on the positive and my strengths."

“Julie helps me think outside of the box and provides what I'd call a sympathetic push to get me to think in a way I may not have.”


“It's great to have someone help me gain confidence to try new methods and new activities I may not have tried otherwise. I feel like my life is more enriched, that I have the power and tools to define what I want out of life and how to get it.”


“I received several calls and emails afterwards and everyone said your voice was so calming they immediately felt better and more centered! I completely agree.  I think you had some great ideas and tips that anyone can easily put into place in their daily routine.“


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