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Cycling Coach, Running Coach, Triathlon Coach in Portland Oregon

Endurance Sports Coaching

Do you want to ride your first century? Or become more comfortable and confident riding out on the road? Do you want to compete in a triathlon? Or need help achieving your race goals? Or how about gaining confidence and skills riding your mountain bike?

Breakaway Coaching provides coaching and consultation services, classes and products for recreational and competitive runners, triathletes or cyclists. I work with athletes who want to race and also those who want to participate in these sports as part of an active and healthy lifestyle, regardless of your age, fitness, and experience. I work with kids too. 

I strive to help you reach your athletic / exercise goals safely by helping you become a functional and durable athlete. How I coach you will depend on your experience, goals and age. As we get older, our body changes. The way we workout should change too. You won’t get the same benefit by continuing the same routine that once worked. My coaching includes specific strength work, interval work, mobility training, stretching and recovery practices. When combined, this approach gives you durability so you can have longevity in the sport(s) you love.

There are several ways to work with me: Individual Custom Coaching Plans, Training Consultation, Indoor Cycling Class, Health Coaching for Athletes and Mental Training. 


Monthly Coaching

Custom Monthly Coaching provides training schedules /plans for runners, cyclists and triathletes that are specifically designed for each athlete depending on their goals, experience, commitments and responsibilities outside of their training and racing. 


Coaching plans take a balanced and periodized approach that incorporates physical conditioning, functional strength training, stretching, taper and recovery plans. They help athletes take their fitness and racing to the next level in a safe and functional way, to set realistic athletic goals and to find a healthy balance between family, life responsibilities / work and play.

How does Custom Coaching work?
Once you decide you want to move forward with coaching,  I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Then we arrange to 'meet' (in-person or over the phone) to go over your experience, injuries, time available to train, equipment, short term and long term event goals, athletic strengths / weaknesses, etc. Then we pick a start date.  I will write your detailed monthly workout schedules and deliver them via email to you the Friday before the first Monday of the month.  

There is a 3 month commitment for monthly coaching.

Training Consultation 

Consultation Sessions offer guidance to athletes who want to self-coach. We can meet in-person or over the phone to go over any number of topics you need help with (such as goal setting, annual planning, race scheduling, specific workouts, heart rate zones, fueling / nutrition, stretching, functional strength training, equipment selection, triathlon transitions, menu planning, etc.)

One-on-One Sessions

Cycling Basics: 
Individual lessons to help get you rolling on 2 wheels including use of clipless pedals, rules of the road, commuting, etc. 

Road Cycling Skills: 
An out-on-the-road bike session to help build skills and confidence. Sessions can cover the basics of cornering, descending, climbing and drafting on a road bike. 

Cycling Pedaling Efficiency: 
Lots of  pedaling drills to learn about  pedaling efficiency, bike fit, body alignment, muscle recruitment and body awareness on the bike. 

Beginning Cyclocross Racing: 
This session covers the basics of cyclocross racing (dismounting, barriers, re-mounting, off-camber riding, run-ups, etc.) 

Beginner Mountain Biking: 
Mountain biking fundamentals such as body position, braking, cornering, climbing, descending, trail etiquette, etc.

Functional Strength Training: 
Individualized functional strength training programs to help keep you strong and healthy. 

Stretching / Yoga: 
Individualized yoga/stretching sessions that are specifically designed for you. They will take into account the activities you do and help with alignment and muscular imbalances.

Guided Bike Rides: 
Guided bike ride services in Portland and Hood River area for road rides, gravel road rides and mountain bike rides. Rates Vary. 

Clean Eating: 
Help transition to a clean whole foods lifestyle by cutting out processed foods and cutting down on sugar and refined carbs. Including Whole Food Plant-Based eating.  


This is different than a spin class: you ride your own bike on a stationary trainer in the comfort of your home. Classes are instructed by a professional cycling coach. They are a great way to get out of the cold, dark and rain of the winter months to work on your cycling fitness and pedaling technique in a fun, safe, and small group environment. ​


Each workout will be a 75 minutes long that will include the following:

  • These classes start with an off-the-bike warm-up routine and end with an off-the-bike cool down routine. They follow ADAPT's principles of helping the body restore, develop and maintain a balanced muscular and skeletal system.

On the bike: Class will include the following:

  • A thorough warm-up including pedaling efficiency drills

  • Each week we will focus on a different aspect of fitness: power, force, lactate tolerance, endurance, etc. including HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

  • Reinforce body awareness and alignment on the bike

  • A cool-down

  • Good training practices / habits to help maintain a functional athlete

If you miss a class you will have access to the recording for one week to do the workout as many times as you want! 


What you need:

- A computer / Ipad / Smart phone with Zoom downloaded. 

- Link to the Zoom meeting (This will be emailed to you the day before class.)

- Your own music. I will not be playing music. 

- A clean and working bike with slick / smooth tires (no mountain bike tires with knobby tread)

- Stationary Indoor Trainer 

- Cycling shoes

- Fan

- Yoga mat

- Water bottle

- Small towel

Virtual Strength 

Workouts will include a mix of strength work, HIIT, core work and stretching for cyclists and runners, or anyone looking for a fun and safe small group training experience.


If you miss a class you will have access to the class recording for 1 week to do the workout as many times as you want! 

Each workout will be a 60-75 minutes long


What you need:

- A computer / Ipad / Smart phone with Zoom downloaded. 

- Link to the Zoom meeting (This will be emailed to you the day before class.)

- Yoga mat

- Water bottle

- Something light: Two cans of food

- Floor sliders: 2 paper plates for carpet / 2 face clothes for wood floors

- Chair / Bench / large camping cooler

- Something heavy (if you don't have weights get creative using gallon water jug, cast iron cookware, 12-pack). 

- Exercise bands, if you have them. 

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Access Pass

Purchase an access pass to over 60 cycling workouts and 60 strength workouts. This will give you lots of variety and flexibility to do the workouts on your own time frame. 


Videos are on YouTube and are listed as Private.

Please provide your email address you wish to use to grant you access. 

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Virtual Indoor Cycling 

Health Coaching for Athletes

As athletes we work hard on our fitness, whether we are developing strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility or power. We spend hours putting in the time and effort to be better. To thrive as an athlete and perform your best you need to have be thriving with your overall health and well-being.   

There are many other aspects to your well-being other than fitness. These could include:


  • Quantity and quality of sleep

  • How and what you are eating and drinking

  • Staying calm and being able to effectively manage stress 

  • Being in-touch with yourself and knowing what's important to you

  • Strong and meaningful relationships and social connections

  • Goal setting that works

  • Understanding your internal motivation drivers

  • Mental toughness and resiliency

Health Coaching is a unique approach that helps you discover how to overcome barriers and challenges, and how to be accountable to yourself. 


Should we work together? Let's find out. Shoot me an email and let's find a time to chat. I offer a free 30-minute session so we can get to know each other.

Email me when you decide you're ready to move forward and I will send you a welcome packet to get started.


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Mental Training

As athletes you can train your fitness, your craft, your sports IQ and your mind. 

Athletes typically spend hours working on their fitness (strength, endurance, flexibility, speed, agility or power), hours honing their craft (that's the technique for their chosen sport) and time improving their sports IQ (the knowledge of their sport). The most neglected and under trained piece: their minds. 


Mental training takes time and effort. The rewards are far reaching. It helps with the inner critic, attitude, dealing with progression versus perfection, learning from mistakes, how to be resilient, etc. It can set athletes apart and give them a positive edge but it can also improve their confidence, self-esteem and can lead to a more positive experience in their sport and have far reaching effects outside of sports too. 

Breakaway Coaching works with athletes of all ages (as well as parents and coaches) to help give athletes a positive experience, build resiliency and mental toughness. For convenience these sessions are conducted over the phone. 


Should we work together? Let's find out. Shoot me an email and let's find a time to chat. I offer a free 30-minute session so we can get to know each other.

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