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B r e a k a w a y   W o m e n ' s     C l u b

A   W o r k o u t   &   W e l l n e s s     c o m m u n i t y   f o r   W o m e n   4 0 +

Do you feel unmotivated or stuck when it comes to your fitness and wellness?

Do you want to make some changes but feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to workout for your 40+ body and mind?


Do you like a variety of workouts? and would like all the workout options to be in one place?


Would you like to learn more about health and wellness for women 40+?


Are you missing a like-minded and supportive community?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions,

  you certainly are not alone


Mid-life starts to bring all kinds of changes and challenges. 


Breakaway Women’s Club was created to help. 


It’s a mix of Workouts, Wellness, and Community. 


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Let's get FIT,



and let's do this together


Start a FREE trial today 

Our goal is to EMPOWER  & SIMPLIFY 


  • Optimizing your time and workouts by taking the guesswork out of "What should I do today?"

  • Providing a healthy variety of workouts to help create a durable YOU. Too much of a choice can be overwhelming, and not enough variety can lose our attention. 

  • To help you overcome barriers and to facilitate consistency. With consistency come results, increased motivation and confidence.

  • Health & Wellness content & resources 

  • Real coaching support and a safe & inspiring community 

  What's Included...             

Each week you get a new mix of workouts to pick from.

(You DON'T have to do them all!) 

Cardio Options:

  • 3 running /walking workouts (including a Start-to-Run program)

  • 3 cycling workouts (including indoor workouts)

  • 3 swim workouts



  • Yoga

  • Stretching

  • Foam rolling workouts

Body Workouts:

  • Functional Strength Workouts  

  • Lifting Heavy Workouts  

  • High Intensity Training: 

  • At least 1 live-streamed workout class a week 

Pilates Friends

FAQs   |   Testimonials    |     Why Breakaway  |     Why Women 40+


  • Sign-up by selecting the "Start Free Trial" below. Get your first week free!  (You can cancel anytime.)

  • When you sign-up, remember your login. This is what you'll use to access the webpages containing all the wonderful workouts and resources.

  • Once you are signed up, you'll receive an email with important links and information.

  • Did you cancel your membership and want to re-join? Click here ...>>>

  • Sign a Release of Liability, Waiver and Disclaimer.

  • Short Video on how to navigate the workout page...>>>


Have questions? 

  • Women's Club

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    A Workout & Wellness Community for Women 40+
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