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Breakaway Road Cycling Workout Guide


When we mix up our cycling workouts, it’s good for us mentally and physically. If all we do are 2-hour rides at a moderate pace. That is what we’ll get good at, but we’ll be missing out on all the mental and physiological benefits that different types of workouts give us.


This guide gives you a variety of bike workouts (28 different workouts) that focus on either: endurance, hills repeats, interval efforts, tempo riding or cadence. This mix of workouts is the most efficient and effective way to work on our overall cycling fitness. This guide gives you 3 key workouts a week. You can certainly ride more or less. If you ride more, I’d recommend adding in another endurance ride, social ride or technique/skill ride. If you are riding less, follow the table in the guide for 2 rides a week.


Each workout has a detailed description including intensity (perceived effort EASY, EASY-MOD, MOD, MOD-HARD, or HARD). 


What you get:

- This program is delivered as a pdf file and includes 4 different endurance workouts, 4 tempo workouts, 8 cadence workouts, 6 hill workouts and 6 interval workouts. 

- Facebook Group for support, accountability, motivation and resources. 

Breakaway Road Cycling Workout Guide

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