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The ADAPT Durability Program is specifically designed to help cyclists and runners maximize performance, whether you are an elite competitive athlete, serious recreational cyclist/runner or weekend warrior. The programs are designed to restore and maintain the function required for the sport. It is a complement to your current training program and when used consistently, athletes experience protection against common injuries and improved performance.


The Durability Programs include:

-A warm up routine called “Pre”.  The purpose of the “Pre” is to introduce ideal muscular interaction before the workout.

– A cool down routine called “post”. The purpose of the “Post” is to counter any compensative movement patterns due to uneven fatigue that occurred during the workout.

– A routine called “Reset” designed to re-establish efficiency of movement when fatigued. During a workout you don’t want to push on through if you are experiencing uneven fatigue. The “Reset” program will help set the body back to neutral.

– A routine called “Cycling Efficiency” and "Running Efficiency" are designed to improve efficiency of movement.

– 3 joint specific recovery routines called “Supplements”


How the Programs are Packaged: The durability programs are available as a spiral bound 8.5″ by 5.5″ 16 page booklet. It’s small enough and durable enough to transport and carry around. It’s an easy to follow program. You will find it is set out very logically with images of each exercise. Detailed descriptions of the exercises are available online. 

ADAPT Training's Durability Program

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