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B r e a k a w a y     W O M E N ' S   C L U B

A   W o r k o u t   &   W e l l n e s s     c o m m u n i t y   f o r   W o m e n   4 0 +

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  • Short Video to help with navigating this page

  • Another Short Video to help with scheduling your workouts

  • There is no failing, only learning. What did you learn from last week? How would you like this week to be different?

  • Download / print a blank Weekly Training Planner Template

  • Use this template to build out your training plan for the week.  Workouts rarely happen by chance. It takes planning and prepping.  

  • Decide if this is a rest week or a build week (See Guidelines) and then decide what days you will workout.

  • What type of cardio workouts you will do (run, ride, swim, or walk)

  • How many days of cardio you will do, and

  • How many body workouts (HIIT, Functional Strength, Lifting Heavy and mobility) you will do. 

  • Use the workouts below to build your training plan for the week.

  • Read our Guidelines

  • Feeling stuck or overwhelmed on how to start? Schedule an orientation

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Week of Nov 14th, 2022

CARDIO Run / Walk Workouts

 1. Endurance Run                30-60 min. +                                  EASY-MOD                         

 2. Intervals                             30-45 min.                                   MOD-HARD                                

 3. Tempo Run                        30-55 min.                                         MOD


4. SIT                                       20-30 min.                                         HARD              

CARDIO: Bike Workouts

 1. Tempo Ride                             30-90 min. +                           MOD                         

 2. Hill Repeats                             45-90 min.                              HARD                                

 3. Endurance Ride                       60 min.+                                 EASY    


4. Indoor Ride Video...>>>           60 min.                            MOD-HARD


5. Indoor BIKE SIT                          30 min.                              HARD  

6. Indoor Ride Zwift: Less than 30 min to Burn / "Emily's Short Mix"

7. Indoor Ride: Zwift: Less than 60 min to Burn / "The McCarthy Special"  

8. Livestream Indoor Cycling Workouts coming soon!!!



CARDIO: Swim Workouts

 1. Technique Swim                         30-60 min.                                                         

 2. Long Intervals                            30-60 min.                                                                      

 3. Short Intervals                            30-60 min.                                                                    

BODY Workouts

1. Functional Strength Video...>>>     

2. Mobility: Yoga for Runners with Adriene Video...>>>

3. HIIT: White Board with Video (See High Intensity Tab)


4. Core Workout (See Strength Tab)

5. Mobility: Adidas Foam Rolling Video...>>>

6. Strength: White Board with Video (See Strength Tab)

7. Bike SIT: White Board Workout (See High Intensity Tab)

8. Run SIT: White Board Workout (See High Intensity Tab)


9. Livestream Body Workouts coming soon!!!                                               


Sample Week

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