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2021 Wellness Club Resources


Jan 2021

Link to recording ...>> 



PODCAST: To learn more about Whakapapa’s idea of a shared vision and passing on knowledge. Finding Mastery Podcast with Owen Eastwood


ASSESSMENT: What are your signature strengths? Let’s celebrate what we are good at and use these strengths to move us forward. 


BOOK: Roar by Stacy Simms


PRINTABLE: See attached for morning journal prompts, evening journal prompts and a collection of self-awareness prompts. 


WEBSITE: What are you doing well when it comes to your self-care? What would you like to be doing better? Wellness Wheel …>>


WEBSITE: Find a Menopause Doctors


PODCAST:Hit Play not Pause on Mindset with Kristen Dieffenbach


WEBSITE: What supplements should I take? Inside Tracker for blood work


BOOK: Menopocalypse by Amada Thebe


PDF: Adaptogen cheat sheet from Stacy Simms - attached. 


PODCAST: The Sleep Doctor on Finding Mastery or BOOK: The Power of When or Good Night by Michael Breus


PODCAST: Sleep with Matthew Walker on Finding Mastery or BOOK: Why we Sleep by Matthew Walker


PODCAST: Sleep with Pat Byrne on Finding Mastery


FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE DOC: I see Dr Dahra Perkins at Elevate Health. You can find a list of functional medicine practitioners here….>>

Feb 2021

Link to recording ...>>


BOOK: Roar by Stacy Simms


BOOK: In praise of walking by Shane O'Mara

PODCAST: Podcast: Ask Lisa: The psychology of parenting. 

            Self-Talk and affirmations: Jan 5, 2021. How do I hit the Reset Button for 2021


PODCAST: Hit Play not Pause: Episode 3 with Erin Carson


PROGRAM: Strength Training Program Developed by Stacy Simms and Eric Carson. 


COACH RESOURCE:  LHS – Lift Heavy Stuff. Get a good coach. Dan at Woodslawn Crossfit.  /


APP:  HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. I like to use the ‘My Transphormation App’ to get workout ideas. It’s a combination of lifting heavy and HIIT.


APP:  To help time your HIIT workouts: Smartwod Timer app.


WEBSITE:   Mobility Training: The Steady State with Kelly Starrett.


WEBSITE: Light Therapy:  Joovv


SLIDES: Attached. Prompts. Exercise LHS, HIIT, PLYO. 


BLOG: Ben Greenfield- Well-Being ingredients

Link to Recording  ...>>

Conversation with Kristin Duyn  /  Kristin’s website..>>

Conversation with Will Benitez /   Will’s website ..>>


Pre-Exercise (long or hard):


  • Hydrate: (Prime from Nuun)

  • Fuel: 150-200 cal 30-45 min before exercise. (1.3 cal per lb of body weight)


Include some carbs. Lower fiber. Some fat. 10-20g of (whey) protein with 5-9g BCAA or EAA (Thorne, Kion, Klean, etc.)

During Exercise:

  • Hydrate first, Hydrate again, then eat. 

  • Functional hydration: right amount of sugar (carbs) vs electrolytes (salt). 

  • 3-4% carb solution (7-9g carbs from sugar / glucose and sucrose per 8oz) 

  • Sodium: 180-225mg

  • Potassium 60-75mg

-   Nuun endurance. OSMO, or Skratch. Clif Shot, Gu Hydration, Bonk Breaker

-   Temp 75 or below: 0.10 oz per lb of body weight / hr.  (2/3 big cycling bottle)

-   This increases to 0.15 oz above 80 F. (1 big cycling bottle)

-    Don’t drink your calories. Eat them. 

  • Women need a mix of macronutrients: Carbs, protein and fat. Calories: 0.9-1.3 cal per lb of body weight / hr for running. And 1.3-1.6 cal for cycling.

  • 126-158 cal an hour for running and 158- 224 calories for cycling

  • 30g of carbs / hr and 7-10g of protein to fuel activity and prevent breakdown of muscles. 


For hydration error on the high end. For food error on the low end. 

Post Exercise:

  • To replenish glycogen stores and stop muscle breakdown need carbs and protein (3:1 ratio for women)

  • First 15-20 min Hydration with 5-7g BCAA or EAA 

  • 30 min 20-40g of Protein (3-3.5g of leucine) plus Carbs

April 2021

Meeting link: April 2021 Meeting ..>>

Conversation with Karen ..>>

Conversation with Megan ..>>

Conversation with Kristin Part 2 ..>>


Recipes from Karen:


Glucose Monitor: Contour brand. 

Gut Health: Seed..>>

Blood work: Inside Tracker ..>>

Iron levels in active vegetarians: Active Vegetarian podcast..>>

Tracking Macros: My Fitness Pal App

Restart Program with Karen ..>>

Book: The Longevitiy Diet Book by Valtor Longo

Book: What the heck should I eat by Dr. Mark Hyman

Book: The Menopause Diet Plan by Hillary Wright and Elizabeth Ward.

Book: How not to Die Cookbook by Michael Greger

Book: The Pegan Diet by Mark Hyman

Website: Forks over Knives

Apps: Tracking cycle: Wild Ai (Stacy Simms), Fitr Woman, Clue, Flo. 

Mar 2021

May 2021

Link to a recording of our meeting …>>>


Conversation with Brooke (Pelvic Floor PT) ..>>

Podcast: Hit Play Not Pause Podcast #16 Sex Solutions with Dr. Lauren Streicher ..>>

Podcast: Hit Play Not Pause Podcast  #6 Stop the Leaks with Chole Murdock ..>>

Podcast: Hit Play Not Pause Podcast #4 Happy Vaginas with Dr. Mary Jane Minkin

Podcast: Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Podcast #36: Sex and the Menopause with Samantha Evans and Dr. Louise Newson..>>

Podcast: Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Podcast #31 Pelvic Floor Health with Jane Simpson and Dr. Louise Newson ..>>

Podcast: Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Podcast #11 Vaginal Dryness with Jane Lewis and Dr. Louise Newson..>>

Podcast: Nourishing Women Podcast #247 Postpartum Recovery Through Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy with Sara Reardon PT

Book:  ME & MY MENOPAUSAL VAGINA: Living with Vaginal Atrophy By Jane Lewis

Book: Sex Rx: Hormones, Health and your Best Sex by Lauren Streicher ..>>

Book: The Pelvic Floor Bible by Jane Simpson


Lube: uber lube

Moisturizer: Restore by Good Clean Love  

Website: Dr Mary Jane Minkin 

Products: Kegal tools..>>

Website / Product: Attain: In-home device to strength..>>

Products: Finess patch to prevent leaking..>>

Products: Chamois Cream..>>

June 2021

Meeting Recording ..>>


Youtube: Dr Tanya Hudson presentation


Take an inventory of what is causing you stress. 

How can you reduce your exposure to these stressors?


Strategy 1:  Boundaries with others and with self

Strategy 2:  Exercise: workout vs therapeutic role


Strategy 3:  Social interactions: how do you water your relationships?


Strategy 4:  Clean eating. 


Strategy 5: Quality sleep: priority.


Strategy 6:  Downtime to relax

Strategy 7:  Positive attitude (it can require work.) 

 Prompt cards..>>


Strategy 8: Mindfulness: Kindly attending to the present moment.  

MINDFULNESS LIsa Demor podcast. With Mallika Chopra. March 02, 2021

Apps: Insight timer.  Learn how to meditate in seven days. 

Breakaway Coaching Sampler ..>>

Headspace APP

Jack Kornfield ..>>

Jack Cornfield on Finding mastery:

Jack Cornfield audio lovingkindness meditation ..>>

Jack Kornfield loving kindness meditation ..>>


Strategy 9:  Seek joy. Laugh. 

-   What comes to mind when I say joy or fun?

-       How do you like to play?

-       What are you curious about exploring when it comes to fun / play?

Podcast: We can do hard things: #3 FUN: What the hell is it and why do we need it?


Strategy 10:  Challenge yourself: physically and /or mentally. 

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Brene Brown: Podcast ..>>
 YouTube with Jimmy Fallon..>>


Strategy 11: Supplements

Strategy 12: EFT Tapping

Guided tapping..>>


Strategy 13: Personal Mood Boosters

Tech: Light box: Verilux,, Apollo Neuro:



July 2021

Meeting Recording ..>>

Environmental Wellness: 

Your surroundings (home, office, car, etc.)


  1. Stimulating / Calming Surroundings

  2. Secure Surroundings

  3. Healthy Surroundings



Healthy Home vs Green Home:

Marla Esser Cloos:  Green home coach

  1. Body Care Products


2.   Cleaning Products


  • EWGs database for Healthy Cleaning ..>>

  • All purpose: Castile soap, vinegar, borax. 

  • Mold / Mildew: Baking soda

  • Disinfectant: thyme oil or tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, vodka

  • Essential oils 

  • DIY Cleaning product recipes ..>> and more ..>>


  • Glyphosate / Roundup: pull weeds by hand, for flame weeding with a propane torch. Or boiling water with borax, salt, vinegar. DIY Recipe ..>>


3.  In the Kitchen

  • Food Science

  • Air clean: Use ventilation fans / open windows

  • Cookware: stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic

  • Organic foods

  • Less microwave use



Conscious Kitchen by Alexandra Zissu

Planet Home by Jeffrey Hollender

4.  Clean Air

  • Air flow. Bring the outdoor air in. 

  • Mold

  • Radon

  • VOCs

  • Toxins from cooking

  • Dust




Break the Mold Book By Jill Crista 

Heal Thy Self Podcast with Mark Levy

Website: Mold Finders Method ..>>

Detector: Air Doctor.Air purifier. 

Air purifiers: IQAirAustin AirMolekule

Website: Off Gasing / VOCs..>>

Monitor Air Quality: Purple Air ..>>

5.  Clean Water

  • Home systems

  • Under kitchen counter systems

  • Shower / bath filters

  • Counter top



New Wave Enviro ..>>

Healthy water bottle/container: blue bottle. 

6. EMFs


  • Hard wire

  • Less blue tooth

  • Turn off when not using

  • Kill electricity and wifi at night. 



Blog / Podcast: Ben Greenfield ..>>

Book: EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself by Joseph Mercola

Where to start:


Additional Resources:

Conversation with Michelle: Design Well Studios.

Wellness Within Your Walls ..>>

Wellness within Your Walls Podcast ..>>
EWGs database of Hormone disruptors ..>>


Meeting RECORDING..>>

To learn more about social media
DOCUMENTARY: Social Dilemma

To learn more about EMFs in your home
CONSULTANT: Michelle at Design Well

PRODUCT: EMF blocking phone cases: Safesleeve

TECH: F.lux is windows, mac, ios and android to reduce blue light. 

Author of Digital Minimalism
PODCAST:  Revolution Health Radio, with Cal Newton..>>

PODCAST: Podcast: Bluetooth ear buds


Author of Digital Minimalism 
PODCAST: Finding Mastery with Cal Newton..>>

BOOKS: Deep work. And Digital minimalism by Cal Newton.


Having periods of uncomfort
PODCAST: Genius Life with Michael Easter on comfort.


BOOK: The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter


How to shift from Doing to being..>>


Positive News:

Podcast for uplifting stories and news: The-Daily-Good..>>


Less texting, more conversation:
Book: Reclaiming conversation 


Phones are meant to be tools not companions:
NYT article: Phone as a companion..>>


Talk2BeWell podcast, Dr. Henderson sat down with a group of teens who shared their tips and advice for staying mentally healthy in this digital age


WEBSITE: for unbiased and balanced news All Sides..>>


  1. Deep Work. 
    Context switching from one task to another is not an efficient way to work. Make a commitment to focus on one thing. Turn off all distractions. 


2. Digital De-clutter
Delete apps that are more addictive or leave  you feeling drained. 
Clean up social media accounts: unfollow any accounts that affect your energy in a negative way. 

3. Philosophy
Develop a philosophy  / guidelines around tech. 
Instead of ‘I want to spend less time scrolling’, develop a positive vision: state where you want to spend your time. 


4. Solitude
Solitude is a basic human need. Use of tech has cut into our solitude time. 
Can you carve out time to be alone with your thoughts every day instead of being constantly connected? Use this time gain self-awareness and an understanding of yourself and your character and your place in the world.

5. Boredom
Boredom that help us generate new ideas, be creative, solve difficult problems, and regulate our emotions. How can you foster boredom into your day instead of reaching for your phone? Make a boredom poster. 

6. Mono-Tasking
What moments of life are we missing or not experiencing in their full state because we are multi-tasking (scrolling)?  Mono-tasking: if you are going to do a job, do it well. 

7. Restricted use: reach for phone in times of need
Focus on the ways your smartphone helps in your life. Write a list of all the ways your smartphone adds to your life. Then try to only use it for these things.


8. Out of sight
Out of sight, out of mind. Instead of keeping your smartphone where you can see it, keep it tucked away. 

9. Night time use 
No phones in your bedroom at night. giving yourself at least 30-90 minutes of gadget free time before you sleep.

10. Grayscale
Phones and apps are designed to be visually pleasing to keep us hooked on them for as long as possible. Switching your phone to ‘grayscale’ in your settings makes it less appealing to look 

11. Turn off notifications
Notifications are distracting. Apps are cleverly designed to addict you and each of their notifications are little dopamine hits that create addictive behavior patterns. One of the best ways you can resist being drawn back to your phone is by switching off your non critical notifications.

12. One screen at a time

13. News Consumption
Women are better (than men) at remembering negative news for longer periods of times. We also have more persistent psychological reactions to the stress caused by such news. Creating boundaries around news. Looking for unbiased sources of news. Looking for positive news. 

14. Call don’t text.
Texting: you can edit your thoughts. Not spur of the moment like conversation. Work on Spontaneous conversation. Set a boundary: if a test is longer than 3 sentences, then call. 

15. Learn a new skill
Actively work on replacing tech time with other activities. You need to come up with other ways to spend time or it is easy to slide back into tech use.

16. Being vs Doing

Most of us are Doers. It’s how we measure the success of our day (what did we get done). Being on devices isn’t always doing. How about replacing this time with just Being? When did you last pause and just be?
And what did you notice when you paused? 

Sept 2021



Philosophy funnel exercise in the book Dancing with Siva book. 

9 beliefs of each major religion and other beliefs too.  (pg. 576)

Free downloadable pdf.



  1. I believe in a one, all-pervasive Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, both Creator and Unmanifest Reality. 

  2. I believe in the divinity of the Vedas, the world’s most ancient scripture, and venerate the Agamas as equally revealed. These primordial hymns are God’s word and the bedrock of Sanâtana Dharma, the eternal religion which has neither beginning nor end. 

  3. I believe that the universe under goes endless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution. 

  4. I believe in karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds. 

  5. I believe that the soul reincarnates, evolving through many births until all karmas have been resolved, and moksha, spiritual knowledge and liberation from the cycle of rebirth, is attained. Not a single soul will be eternally deprived of this destiny. ……





What’s important to you? What does that give you? Or bring you?


What do you enjoy doing? What does that give you? Or bring you?


What annoys you? (the opposite is value for you)

How did you learn these values? Why are they important to you?


Personal value card sort by Miller.





- Ask a family member, neighbor, co-worker, or friend what they consider are your greatest strengths.

- What re-occurring words show up?

Take the VIA free survey.


What are your super powers? What are you good at?

How do these show up at work? At home? In your relationships?

How do they show up in your self-care?

What surprises you about your strengths?

Which strengths do you feel like you under-utilize / under-appreciate?



Brene Brown Wholehearted Inventory:


Gretchen Rubin’s Tendency Quiz: 

Oct 2021

Meeting Video Recording ...>>



We have a number of communities: 

  •  Neighborhood community: Place we live. 

  • A work community.

  • A community around a pastime / hobby (sports team, knitting circle, singing group). 

  • Community based on our values (religion, political, social justice, human rights)

  • And then we have a community we cultivate.



These are people:

  • These are people who you trust. 

  • Who’s opinions you value. And hold in high regard.

  • Who don’t judge you, but holds you accountable, and will call you out when you do or say something that doesn’t align with your values? 

  • Who can you lean on? Count on? Depend on in times of need?

  • Who can you be vulnerable with, open and honest? 

  • Who champions you? Sharpens your sword?


Quiz: Love language


Discussion: How do you cultivate these bonds with your closest friends? How do you water these relationships? 




1.    Self-awareness

2.    Self-mastery  / self-management

3.    Tuning into other people. Empathy 

4.     Using all of these: to have highly affective relationships



1.    Interrupting

2.    Talk time awareness

3.    Keeping confidences

4.    Know when to make it about you, and when not to

5.    Ask better questions


Podcast: We can do hard things: REAL TALK: How can we begin to use conversation as a key to unlocking each other?


Discussion:  What’s a challenge for you?

Is there a particular area want to lean into and use better? 

Planning for Goals (or change):

-        Find your why, identify potential barriers, and develop strategies.

-        Make your own rules

-       Experiments vs goals

-       Labels


Journal: Kris Carr Sunrise Journal ….>>


Step One: Track your habits  (APP: Habit Tracker)
Step Two: Manage your mindset  
Step Three: Focus your effort  
Step Four: Celebrate your progress 

Nov 2021

Here is a link to the recording ..>>


  1. Breath / Meditation
    Book: Breath by James Nestor ...≥≥

  2. Activate your Vagus Nerve by Dr. Navaz Habib


  1. Sleep
    What’s your top sleep hygiene practice?
    Wearables: Oura Ring and Whoop Strap. 

  2. Hydration
    Functional Hydration drinks: Skratch, Nuun, Osmo

Trace Minerals Magnesium Drink

  1. Down time: what grounds you? 
    What’s one thing that really grounds you, energizes you but you rarely make time for?
    De-load weeks.

  2. Body work: Massage, acupuncture, infrared sauna 

  3. Quiet Time: Journaling (reflection, inner work), reading, music. 

  4. Giving back: volunteer work 

  5. Social Connections: bonding with others.  

  6. Digital detox


What are some ways that help you recover from physical or emotional stress?

  • Stretching / yoga

  • Unplugging and getting outside

  • Naps



Increase in tissue tension due to hormone imbalance vs natural aging. 


  1. Heat (Epson salts, heating pad, infra-red sauna – Joovv and Higher Dose)


  1. Supplements: Vit D, Magnesium, curcumin, collagen, antioxidants, Essential Amino Acids post exercise, Omega 3. 

  2. Sleep

  3. Diet (anti-inflammatory foods)

  4. Hydration

  5. Resistance Training: Lifting Heavy

  6. Sit less. More movement

  7. Stretching

  8. Foam rolling / trigger point 

Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. 

Essentrics by Miranda on YouTube.


Essentrics with Miranda - hip mobility

Aging backwards no. 5 Relieve your pain

BREAKAWAY Foam Rolling technique: Video ...>>


Hit Play not Pause podcast Ease your aches and pains with the ready state’s Dr. Kelly Starrett. 

The Ready State with Kelly Starrett





What are your basic self-care needs that are a struggle to make happen / fit in?



  • Priorities vs needs. What’s important to you?  What builds you up? What brings you joy? Dedicate time and energy to these things. What brings you down? How can you eliminate these things?  This takes time to sit down with your thoughts and to sort through them. It doesn’t happen without work. 

  • Practice self-care in different ways. Make this a priority. 


  • Say no more often.  Set boundaries. If you are saying yes to something, what are you saying no to?  Usually we say yes to others, which means we are saying no to ourselves. 

  • Delegate

  • Focus on the controllable

  • Schedule time for yourself. Make appts with yourself for self-care / exercise

  • Positive attitude / self-love / mindset

  • Flexible pants. 

  • Periods of imbalance are ok

  • Disconnect

  • Solitude


  • Connect with others

  • Giving back / Service

Dec 2021

Here is a link to the recording ..>>


Recap by month:

What were your big take-aways?

What are you curious to learn more about?


Holidays: making space for what keeps you grounded. Controlling expectations, setting loving boundaries, and delegating. 


Mantra / phrase: 
What words help guide you / set the tone? 
How do you use these words?


Bucket List:

M: people you want to meet. A personal hero. 

Y: your achievements to be proud of. 



B: buy that special something for you or someone else

U: ultimate challenge 

C: conquer a fear 

K: kind acts for others. A cause that you believe in. 

E: express yourself. Creative side of you. 

T: take lessons. Skill to learn 



L: leave a legacy 

I: idiot stuff 

S: satisfy a curiosity. What do you want to experience 

T: travel adventures. 

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