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Telephonic Health Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching over the telephone has been proven to be very effective. It offers a number of advantages.

telephonic health coaching

1. Less time consuming: Clients don't need to take the time to travel to an office to meet in person with their Health Coach. They just need to find a quiet space to talk. Given that most of us already feel time crunches, this is a big benefit. It is learning to less appointments being re-scheduled.

2. A deeper and more focused conversation: talking on the phone allows a Health Coach to use 'level 4' listening. This is listening to energy in the voice, cadence, what is being said and what is not being said. Better listening equates to better Health Coaching.

3. An open and authentic conversation: eye contact and fear of disappointing your Health Coach in-person can be a barrier to sharing what needs to be shared. Over the phone these barriers are removed allowing for a free and honest conversation.

4. The convenience and flexibility: You don't need to live in the same City, same State or even the same time zone as your Health Coach. This frees you up to find the right coach to work with and not be limited to those close by.

5. Comfort: You can be in the comfort of your own home in your sweatpants or PJs. Your Health Coach won't know!

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