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Runners and Cyclists: How to help Prevent Injury, Improve Function, and Increase Efficiency

What limits you when you are running or cycling? What prevents you from going longer or faster?

For most people it is because of a pain/ache, injury or tightness they’re experiencing. More often or not this is due to a lack of function, which can cause poor joint alignment. When we lose function our bodies use compensative movements to make up for the gap in function. Certain muscles will work overtime to help support the mis-alignment. This leads to uneven fatigue patterns which can then lead to injury, pain and stiffness.

What can we do about this? Quite simply: restore muscular function to create proper alignment. Muscles are responsible for holding joints in correct alignment. Achieving this will prevent uneven fatigue so we can maximize our biomechanics and have improved efficiency of movement

Sounds great, right? So how do we do this? Enter ADAPT’s Cycling and Running Durability Programs.

I really like the word “durability”. Don’t we all want to be durable and have longevity in the sports we love playing?  ADAPT’s programs are designed with this in mind.  A lot of work, careful thinking, and testing have gone into these products to make them simple and relatively quick to use, easy to follow and implement and most importantly — be effective.

ADAPT’s Durability Programs The Cycling Durability Program and the Running Durability Program provide the specific exercise requirements for an individual to perform the sport at their highest ability with protection from common injury.  As the name suggests, the programs keep you “durable” in your chosen sport by restoring and maintaining proper muscular function.

The ADAPT Cycling Durability Programs are specifically designed to help cyclists and runners maximize performance, whether you are an elite competitive cyclist/runner, serious recreational cyclist/runner or weekend warrior. The programs are designed to restore and maintain the function required for the sport. It is a complement to your current training program and when used consistently, athletes experience protection against common injuries and improved performance.

The Durability Programs include:

-A warm up routine called “Pre”.  The purpose of the “Pre” is to introduce ideal muscular interaction before the workout.

– A cool down routine called “post”. The purpose of the “Post” is to counter any compensative movement patterns due to uneven fatigue that occurred during the workout.

– A routine called “Reset” designed to re-establish efficiency of movement when fatigued. During a workout you don’t want to push on through if you are experiencing uneven fatigue. The “Reset” program will help set the body back to neutral.

– A routine called “Cycling Efficiency” designed to improve efficiency of movement.

– 3 joint specific recovery routines called “Supplements”